Qigong is the jewel of Chinese medicine. In the hospitals in China during the 20th century, many traditions of movement, meditation, and healing were explored and modified to enhance health and awareness in the lives of modern people. The roots of Chinese Qigong are found in the contemplative, spiritual and martial systems influencing Chinese culture at the time. The modern practice includes movement styles like Hsing Yi, Tai Qi, Five Animal Play. Practice includes meditation techniques from Daoism, Chan Buddhism, and Vajrayana Buddhism.


Qigong can mean a lot of things.  Qigong can mean the exercise Chinese Medicine Practitioners do to prepare for seeing their clients.  It is also the healing energy Chinese Medicine Practitioners apply during their treatments.  The Tui Na practiced at Inner Landscape is Applied Qigong or Medical Qigong (Qigong for Health and Well Being.)